How To Cancel A Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

Get access to Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation by dialing the Hawaiian airline’s flight cancellation number 1-800-367-5320

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How To Cancel a Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

Hawaiian airlines customers have the opportunity to cancel their flight for free within 24 hours of their original booking. So, if you have withdrawn your travel plans, you must be looking forwards to canceling your flight. If yes, Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy will guide you better.

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the biggest flight operators from and to the United States of Hawaii. It ensures the quality of its service for each and every trip. Also, it is easy for customers to modify, change or even cancel their itinerary with Hawaiian Airlines.

However, you must know well about the flight change policy of Hawaiian airlines. So, stay tuned with this blog till the end if you have to learn about how to cancel a Hawaiian airlines flight.

What is Hawaiian Airlines’ Cancellation Policy?

Before any customer directly hops on to the process to change to flight with Hawaiian, they must learn about its policy. So, as per the Hawaiian airline cancellation policy:

  • The airline will cancel your flight ticket only if you have not been involved with any third party at the time of Hawaiian flight booking.
  • The airline does not refund any tickets once it has crossed the expiry date.
  • You will get a refund if the airline has delayed the flight for 2 hours or more.
  • Moreover, you will receive a refund if your lights get canceled from Hawaiian airlines’ end.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you have 24 hours rule for flight cancellation.

Hawaiian Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

As per Hawaiian airline’s 24-hour cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight for free. Read the following points:

  • If the customer ensures that at least 7 days or more are left during the flight departure time.
  • Also, cancel your ticket within 24 hours get over from the point of the original flight departure; you do not have to pay any charges.
  • With the two above-mentioned points, even the non-refundable Hawaiian flights can is canceled for free.
  • If you have booked your flight using your travel credit, then you cannot cancel your flight under Hawaiian airlines’ 24 hours flight cancellation policy.

Therefore, this was all bout the flight cancellation guidelines of Hawaiian airlines. You can contact Hawaiian airline’s customer service team for more details.

Methods to Cancel Your Hawaiian Flight:

If you are thinking about how to cancel your Hawaiian flight, you can visit the manage booking section of Hawaiian airlines. If not, you can directly talk to the airline over the phone for Hawaiian flight cancellation.

Hawaiian Airline Flight Cancellation Over a Call:

  • Dial the Hawaiian airline’s flight cancellation number 1-800-367-5320 or +1-860-590-8822 if you wish to cancel your Hawaiian flight quickly without paying any extra charges.
  • Then, you have to listen to the IVR options to select your preferred language.
  • Once you are able to speak to the Live agent at Hawaiian airlines, you have to provide your flight details.
  • After that, the airline agent will perform the necessary steps for flight cancellation.

Hawaiian Airlines Online Fight Cancellation:

  • Go to Hawaiian airline’s official site.
  • Then visit the manage booking section.
  • After that, you have to enter the flight details as asked.
  • The customer needs to enter the last name of the passenger and the flight booking number.
  • Then, click on “view my trip.”
  • Once you are able to see your trip, you can cancel your flight by following the onscreen instructions.

However, if you still face any difficulty while canceling your tickets, you can contact the customer service team of Hawaiian airlines.

Can I Get a Refund After The Hawaiian Airline’s Flight Cancellation?

According to the hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy and its refund policy, customers can expect a refund in the following cases:

  • If you have canceled your ticket within 24 hours of booking and there were 7 days or more left in the flight departure.
  • Customers should make a refund request for a non-refundable flight on the booking day. Else, you will lose the refund.
  • You need to wait for at least 10 for the refund to show in your source account.

If you are unable to see the refunded amount after 10 to 12 business days, then you must contact the airline.

When do Hawaiian Airlines Cancel Flights?

No matter if you have flight ticket confirmation with Hawaiian airlines, the airline can still cancel the flight due to the following reasons:

  • If the government has issued any orders regarding flight cancellation.
  • Also, if you have failed to buy the ticket at least 120 minutes before the scheduled departure, the airline might cancel your flight.
  • Moreover, even if you have bought the ticket prior enough, you have failed to


  • At least 45 minutes prior to flights flying between the United States and Hawaii
  • At least 30 minutes before the flight, completely within the state of Hawaii.

Therefore, if you fall into any of the above categories, your Hawaiian airlines flight might get canceled from the

What is the Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee?

As per the flight cancellation policy of Hawaiian airlines, here is the complete overview of the Hawaiian airline flight cancellation fee and charges:

  • If you had to travel within the United States and you have canceled the flight, you need to pay USD 100.
  • On the other hand, if you were to fly between Hawaii and the United States, you would need to pay USD 25.
  • And the customers need to pay USD 25 to cancel the Hawaii flight.
  • Flights cancellations departing from the United States and arriving in Japan will cost you 200 USD as cancellation charges.
  • Furthermore, if your flight originates from Korea, it would cost you 250 USD if you cancel it.
  • Moreover, if your flight originates from Australia, you need to pay USD 200 if you cancel it.

If you want to know more about the flight cancellation fee, then you can dial our customer service phone number. You can even reach out to us if you are facing issues in the Hawaiian airline’s flight cancelation process.

Most Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs) About Hawaiian Airlines

How can I cancel my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Visit my trip section on Hawaiian airline’s official site to cancel your ticket. You can even cancel yours by dialing Hawaiian airline’s flight booking number.

What if I cancel my Hawaiian Airlines flight? Can I get a refund?
According to Hawaiian airline’s 24 hours flight cancellation policy, you can get a refund for flight cancellation if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it.

Can you cancel a flight within 72 hours?

If you fail to cancel a non-refundable Hawaiian flight within 24 hours, you need to pay the cancellation fee.

Can you cancel a flight after it’s booked?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your Hawaiian flight. Although, you might need to pay the cancellation or the modifying fee.

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