How To Book Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel Booking?

Whether you’re organizing a family reunion, sporting event, business trip, or a simple weekend getaway, Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel will provide you with the best discounts on flight tickets. Hawaiian has a group travel option for groups of at least 10 people going to the same place.

Hawaiian Airlines has been transporting people to a variety of locations for a long time, offering the best services and facilities. Additionally, there are certain additional features for group travelers.

You can find all the necessary information in the parts covered below if you want to request a booking for group travel with Hawaiian Airlines.

Important Points

What are Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel Bookings?

Hawaiian Airlines have always been a customer-friendly airline. It always strives to make efforts that would make it easier to function for the passengers. So, with group travel with Hawaiian airlines, it is more convenient for travelers to book flight tickets all at once.

With the following points, you will have a clear idea about the group travel:

  • The number of passengers must be 10 or more in order to qualify for Hawaiian group travel.
  • All the customers must ensure that they are flying to the same destination.
  • The travelers are open to choosing any of the methods online or offline for booking group travel tickets.

So, before you move ahead with a group travel ticket with Hawaiian, you must have these guidelines in your mind.

Benefits of Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel Booking

Read the following details carefully to learn the advantages of traveling in a Hawaiian Airlines group:

  • You can obtain significant savings on Hawaiian Airlines tickets if you purchase a group ticket at least 11 months before the trip date.
  • Additionally, consumers can earn HawaiianMiles for each reservation.
  • Also available to clients are conductor tickets for group travel to Hawaii.
  • In contrast, customers get access to group fare travel for a week both before and after the trip.

Therefore, you can call the live Hawaiian airline representative on the phone if you want to book your group ticket with the airline.

Steps To Book A Hawaiian Airlines Group Travel Flight Tickets

If you are still wondering about how to book your group travel booking with Hawaiian, then you can find your answers here. As Hawaiian airlines allow its passengers to make a normal booking via the online and offline method, you are permitted to book group travel with both methods.

Book Hawaiian Group Travel Flight online:

  • First, visit the Hawaiian Airlines official website to make group reservations.
  • Next, select the group travel option under the section for booking a flight.
  • The consumers must then enter personal information, including the name of the company and contact information.
  • You must now input further details, like your travel itinerary, origin, and destination.
  • After that, click the submit button.
  • You can see the list of flights that are available with this.
  • Now select the flight to the location you wish to travel to.
  • The airline will also direct you to the page that summarizes your flight. Passengers can review their flight reservations here.
  • Once you’re finished, move on to the payment.

Book Hawaiian Group Travel Flight Via Call:

  • Dial the Hawaiian Airlines Group travel number, 1-800-367-5320 or 1-860-370-4608, to obtain group fare and enjoy the most comfortable and convenient flight possible.
  • After then, pay attention to the automated speech system’s advice to choose the right digit when booking group travel.
  • When a real person answers the phone at Hawaiian Airlines, let them know you want to make a group travel reservation.
  • The airline representative will complete your form’s Hawaiian Airlines group travel section.
  • As a result, you will need to provide all pertinent details regarding the group participants as well as the location and date of the trip.
  • The airline representative will also take the required actions.

Finally, it’s time where the airline agent will take the payment details and confirm your group trio with Hawaiian airlines.

Booking Group Travel Ticket at Airport

Above all, you can book your Hawaiin group travel packages by visiting the airport directly. Just follow the below steps to book your tickets:

  • Go to the nearest airport.
  • Then, visit the Hawaiian airline’s flight booking counter.
  • Request a group travel quote for 10 or more people traveling with you.
    Provide all the details as asked.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from the airline as soon as the ticket is booked.

So, don’t forget to check your mail id once the live executive at Hawaiian airlines completes the process of group travel booking. However, if you face any issues or you are unable to find any confirmation mail, you can get in touch with Hawaiian airline’s live agent over a call.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hawaiian Airlines


How do you get Hawaiian Airlines group tickets?

The quickest way to book a group travel ticket with Hawaiian airlines is to visit the official site of Hawaiian airlines. Also, you can connect via call for group booking.

How do I book travel for a large group?

For a group of 10 or more people traveling to the same destination, you can dial Hawaiian airline’s customer service phone number.

How much is the group number for Hawaiian Airlines Group Booking?

If you have to book a group travel with Hawaiian airlines, you must be at least 10 in number. Customers who are less than 10 in number cannot book group travel.

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