How do I file a complaint to Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest air carrier that provides non-stop scheduled flights to Hawaii and other parts of the U.S. You can plan your flight trip with them and make the booking for your journey. All the flight services for your travel destination are available online at their website. When you book the journey, you can find the problems with the airlines regarding the services. In this situation, you can make a complaint to the airlines about the issue and get help. They offer several modes to register the query, which you can read further for assistance. 

Important Points

Different ways to Complaint to Hawaiian Airlines:

You can complain to the Airlines customer service team through multiple methods for help. Following are the detailed descriptions about all the methods. 

Complaint via phone:

  • Travelers have the option to share the information about the journey directly to customer service by phone call. 
  • You need to dial the Hawaiian Airlines complaint phone number at 1 (800) 367-5320.
  • After this, you must listen to the IVR commands carefully. 
  • Choose 1 for the language. 
  • Choose 2 to enquire about a new flight. 
  • Choose 3 for the existing bookings. 
  • Choose 4 to get a refund. 
  • Choose 5 for the complaint.
  • Choose * to talk to the live person. 

When you choose the preferred command, you will get the customer service representative to ask about the issues. You need to tell about your problem and register the complaint for the best understanding.

Via Email:

One of the most professional ways to be in touch with the customer executive is by email. You just need to open the given email link on your device to access the email facility. 

At there, you will find the email form where you can choose the “make a complaint” tab. After this, you must mention the necessary passengers, contact and flight information. You can choose the supporting file and submit the email form. You will receive the revert within 24 hours a day.

Complaint via Mailing Address: 

You can also mail about the concerns to the Hawaiian airlines mailing address below. 

  • Consumer Affairs Office
  • Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 30008
  • Honolulu, HI 96820

When the representative receives the mail, they will give you the answers within 30 days to your email. 

Live Chat:

Hawaiian Airlines has agents available online to ask about the issues. You need to click on the chat with us option available online in their contact section. With this, a live chat box will pop-up on the screen where you can share the complaints to the virtual person for help. 

How do I send an email to Hawaiian Airlines?

Apart from all the methods, you can share the complaints and problems with the experts by email. Here are the simple steps to send the complaints to Hawaiian Airlines email I.D. for assistance. 

  • To start, you must open the official web page of Hawaiian Airlines at
  • After that, you can proceed towards the help and contact page. 
  • You will see the list of topics and the questions to ask about the issues. 
  • You need to choose the Send an email icon from the bottom of the screen. 
  • With this, you will head onto the new screen where you will get the email options. 
  • You must select the desired form and tap on the subject. 
  • Airlines ask you for some necessary information about the flight itinerary, such as passenger contact information, confirmation code, full name, etc.
  • You must describe the concerns in detail and attach the relevant proof. 
  • Therefore, you can submit the form to get the confirmation. 
  • A representative at the Hawaiian Airlines will give you the feedback and solutions by email.

Can I text on Hawaiian airlines for the complaint?

Yes, there is the facility to send the questions to the representative. You need to save the text number at 38285 on your mobile device. After that, you can describe in detail about your queries along with the correct contact information. When you send the text to the representative, they will provide you with a prompt answer. Passengers can utilize this feature between 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. HST to register complaints. 

How do you address concerns and complaints when flying with Hawaiian Airlines?

With the given information, you will easily explore about the Hawaiian Airlines complaints information to the customer representative. When you fly with the Hawaiian airlines, you can address some concerns that airlines always work on. You can submit all your complaints to them in several ways, such as via email, live chat, phone, and social media. A human on the customer team will get in touch with you for the best flying experience. You can easily make informed travel decisions with flight reservations on Hawaiian airlines. However, you can check the contact and complaint information online at their website.