How Do I Book a Multi City Flight on Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Airlines is considered as the largest air carrier in the US that provides major flights to Honolulu and Kahului. The airline has more than 55 aircraft that fly daily to multiple scheduled departures. When you plan to cover multiple locations, you always look to get cheap flights. In many tours, when you try to travel from one city to another, then you will get multiple destinations. You always choose to get the round trip for the same and change the origin. With Hawaiian airlines, you can overcome this problem and travel to several countries without making the booking separately. By reading below, you will get the complete information. 

Important Points

Why choose Hawaiian Airlines multi-city flights? 

Are you confused about why you must choose Hawaiian airlines’ multi-city flights? Then, you have come to the right place, as the information below provides you with the complete details of this. 

  • Passengers can select their favorite stopovers/locations containing their destination to enjoy the various sightseeing. 
  • There will be a separate baggage allowance for all the multiple flights. You don’t need to pack much in one suitcase as you can travel with more also. 
  • Stopovers allow you to reach the destination fully fresh, and you can enjoy the airport lounge facilities, which are not available at any other places. 

Procedure to Book Multi-City Flights on Hawaiian Airlines

If you want to know about the process by which you can get the multi-city reservation, then follow the below steps. 

  • Firstly, you must access the Hawaiian Airlines official website
  • After that, you can proceed to the new booking section, where you can add the details. 
  • You can select multi-city as the trip type and add the fare class. 
  • With this, you need to provide the travel dates, number of passengers, and the destination for the first flight. 
  • You need to enter the same above details for the second flight and so on. 
  • Once you successfully enter the details, you can select the search tab. 
  • You will find the list of available flights for the journey where you can choose accordingly. 
  • When you proceed further, you can mention the passenger’s complete information and attach the travel documents. 
  • At last, you can select the preferred seats for all the flights and make the payment. 
  • Hawaiian Airlines will share you the confirmation mail at your registered email ID. 

In this way, you can easily make the Hawaiian airlines reservation for your destination. If you find any problem in getting the tickets, you can ask the customer representative for help.

Alternate Methods of Booking Multi-City Flights on Hawaiian Airlines:

Besides online booking, Hawaiian airlines provide several other options to get a reservation. You can make the booking through the mobile app or talk to the customer service team. For this, you must dial the Hawaiian Airlines phone number at 1-800-367-5320 and listen to the IVR instructions. When you choose the preferred command, you will get the customer representative to discuss the issues. Their hours of operation are 24 hours and seven days a week. 

You need to download the mobile app to get the multi-city booking for your journey in less possible time. This will save your time and efficiency as you don’t need to stay in the long queues at the airport. 

What advantages does Hawaiian Airlines offer for Multi-City Flight Bookings? 

Many passengers are not aware of the advantages of multi-city reservations for their destination. Hawaiian Airlines offers various benefits that you can read and make the booking to save a lot as follows.

Get the extra time: 

When you fly direct, you don’t get the extra time to explore the country or airports. But now you can take a rest and enjoy the journey to the fullest. 

Save the money:

One of the biggest advantages is that you can save money by avoiding separate bookings for all the locations. You can compile the destinations in one reservation and book the same as you don’t need to pay extra and get the discounts. 

Use the loyalty membership:

If you are a loyal program member, you can easily receive exciting offers and additional points. When you use the mileage points, you will decrease the actual price for the multi-city booking to enjoy the benefits. 

Get the direct flight:

Sometimes, you don’t get the direct flights to your location with Hawaiian airlines. In this case, you can use the multi-city facility to choose from the several booking options. 

More than four:

Hawaiian Airlines allows you to book a flight to more than four destinations in one booking. This will save you time, and you can easily enjoy your vacation on the beach.

In-flight amenities: 

Passengers getting multi-city flights can enjoy the multiple in-flight amenities such as food, beverages, entertainment, personal crew members, etc all these facilities will help you to get the maximum comfort on the trip. 

Passengers can also get the booking at the airport directly by providing the physical documents for the travel. A representative available over there will give you the best understanding. 

Frequently asked questions

Are Hawaiian airlines multi-city flights cheaper?

Yes, booking multiple destinations at once is one of the best options, as passengers can often save a lot. They don’t need to book separately for all your commute-related needs, as all the destinations are covered under one itinerary. 

How to contact Hawaiian airlines for multi-city booking?

Passengers can book Hawaiian airlines booking to get the multi-city locations online at their website. However, if you face any queries, you can get a human at the customer service team on the phone at 1-800-367-5320 to talk to a live person. They are professional in their work and give you assistance with the multi-city reservation. 

How does a multi-city ticket work at Hawaiian airlines?

By choosing the multi-city trip type, passengers can get the round trip or cover the different routes in a single itinerary. This helps you to save a lot and enjoy the numerous places. 

Do multi-city flights have the same PNR?

No multi-city flights don’t have the same PNR, as it depends upon the booking and the destination. If you book multiple cities with the same airlines, then PNR will be the same. But when the airlines are different, the PNR number cannot be the same. 


All above steps to define the process of Hawaiian airlines multi city reservations if you are facing some issue on booking multi city flights then You can dial the phone number for Hawaiian Airlines multi-city reservations at 1-866-586-9419/1-860-370-4608 and communicate with the representative. They will give you the best advice for the journey. 

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